See it For Free, Collateral Beauty, just click below to get your tickets.  You must be quick and get your tickets for a chance to see it before it hits theaters.. Is available to see it 12/12 just sign up to WBtickets to create an account (which is pretty quick setting it up) then you can print your tickets, if you dont have an available printer, just sign up, click get my pass and your tickets will be saved in your account which you will be able to log in and print them later.


  • Cinemark Boynton Beach 14 and XD
  • 1151 N. Congress Ave.
  • Boynton Beach, FL 33426




What to do?

  • First get your ticket before they ran out.. (if you dont have an account create one quickly with WBtickets
  • Then Click on the image to get your tickets (each account gives you 2 tickets if you have a family of 4, create 2 account but you must be 18 years or older to do so)
  • Print your tickets and head out to your assign movie theater before the movie is shown.  For this movie it starts at 7:00pm so usually by 6:20 they start letting people in, but know that this is first come first seat.
  • From our experience depending how high or popular we know the movie may be is the time we arrive to make the line.  Some movies you can arrive at 6:00 and go in with no problem since the line wasnt long at all.  But also keep in mind the size and amount of seats varied theater and movie.
  • To be save just arrive a little early, have your tickets on hand, make the line, have ID if needed (since we have been watching movies for free only once we were asked for ID to match the ticket name) and enjoy the movie..