Sephora is one of those places I love to go with family and/or friends.  Sephora is my sisters must go to place when going to the mall or while at JcPenney (since most have Sephora inside the store).  I love the options you have when purchasing make up, beauty tools, facial products and even perfumes.  Sephora has a great staff that is always willing to help you make the best selection when needed.  So far I am impressed with the staff as to how well they select products for my skin color and type.

Well, I need to get back to the reason why I am writing about birthday gifts, clearly for a moment there I just got too excited and stayed talking as to how great the store (Sephora) is.


I always like to look for deals and even enjoy some great birthday free gifts and recently I discovered that Sephora is now one that I added to my birthday free gifts list.  What I enjoyed is that every year they change there birthday gift options and this year I was able to see the new options for 2017.  My cousins birthday is on this month (Jan) and while in the store we tried new foundations and was able to purchase some new items that seem to help to improve our skin.  As we were at the register paying for the items she was able to select her free birthday item, out of the 2 options she chose the Tarte Blush and Tarte Lip Paint



This year 2017 Sephora Items are the following (You can chose from Tarte or Caudalie)