My Formal Dining Room needed a little make over, it is the first room you see as soon as you walk in through our front door.  We wanted to do a make over but it had to be done on a budget, sounds challenging all ready jejje…

diy starburst mirror wall art

But looking through some inspiration I found a site called I should be mopping the floor and right away I fell in love with her creations.  On this site is were I saw the Starburst Mirror Wall Art but the crazy thing is that the items can be bought mostly at the dollar store or Michaels making this project about $5.00.

At first I was skeptical making a large piece of wall art with posterboard.. How can that material hold in place without looking like paper?  Well, I decided to buy the materials since is only $5.00 I have nothing to loose… right ??? jejje..

Well,  I am so glad I found the tutorial, it was easy to follow and I was impressed how my wall art turned out… Everyone that walks in through the door is amazed by this piece, so, I can truly recommend you making it for any room in your house.

Here is the link with the steps by steps