I have been on the lookout for great beauty, skincare, and lifestyle subscription boxes, this month TestTube caught my interest.  So I am excited to share this box in case you are looking for another subscription box.  Below you will see a full box reveal for the month of September 2020.  

New to TestTube? Are you planning to subscribe?








What is TestTube?

  • TestTube subscribers receive full- and travel-size products


How do I subscribe to TestTube Box?

  • Bi-monthly subscription ($29.95/month)
  • Annual subscription ($149.75/year – a savings of $38.90/one free tube)


What are the shipping dates?

Keep in mind these are approximate shipping dates.
  • Spring 2020 – Week of March 16
  • Summer 2020 – Week of June 15
  • Fall 2020 – Week of September 14
  • Winter 2020 – Week of December 14


What are the shipping costs?

  • For bi-monthly subscriptions and one-time purchases, there is a flat delivery charge of $8.95 per tube.
  • For annual subscriptions, there is a flat delivery charge of $44.75 that is paid upfront.



When will TestTubes arrive?

Your first tube will ship within 2–3 weeks of your order date, and you can expect to receive a new TestTube every 2 months thereafter.

Existing Member Schedule:

  • TestTube   Approximate Billing Date   Approximate Shipping Date
  • March – Week of February 10 – First week of March
  • May – Week of April 20 – First week of May
  • July – Week of June 8 – First week of July
  • September – Week of August 9 – First week of September
  • November – Week of October 5 – First week of November
  • January – Week of December 7 – First week of January


Below is a preview of the July 2020 Box