Eyeshadow Palettes can get a bit pricey and for that reason I like to search for good deals, If you buy one palette you can save $3.50 using code 642125 when shopping online or use the coupon provided in the catalog if shopping in store.  The savings will bring the palette to $11.50.

Another way to earning you a free Gift Card is walking into the store, scanning a few products and linking your credit card when making payments at places like Ulta. Every time I go to the mall or while at Ulta I use this app, I have earned so many points that has given me many free gift Cards.  You can find out more about Shopkick here.(You can enter my code YAY878036 and we both will receive 250 points once you walk in a store)

The Vault is now available at Ultathe price is only $15 for each palette there is special price if you buy all 4 like you shown at the Morphe Brushes site, but if you prefer buying at Ulta or plan to buy one palette then this could be a better option.  

Are you excited for the launch of this new palette?  We are expecting finally for The Vault to be released today.. So far is expected to purchase at 8am pst time.  We also know Morphe and Ulta will have this item available so check during this time to make sure you get this palette.  Last year Jaclyn Hill Original Palette was sold out right away and even up to recently when I went to my local Ulta Store they were sold out as well (a year later).

 Morphe X Jaclyn Hill The Vault $49 (Value $60) or $15 each palette

Based on the videos and Morphe site, we can expect 4 palettes with a total of 40 shades. The palette is called the Vault, it offers 4 palettes to choose from, you can select one palette for $15 or the set of 4 for $49.  I do like that you can pick and choose the shades you will like or select the set for bigger savings.

This palette will be available on Aug 14th at Morphe web site as well as in Ulta in the mean time you can sign up at Morphe to be on the list.

What is the price options?