Wheat Pumpkin Cookies was something I shared a few days ago but the recipe was just for the cookies sprinkle with some powdered sugar but today I want to share with you another option on how you can make these cookies and elevate the flavor by adding some Caramel Frosting as you can see in the picture.

Wheat Pumpkin Cookies can be enjoyed with just a sprinkle of powdered sugar as I did here or you can enjoyed them with some Caramel Frosting.  These cookies are so soft and easy to enjoy either way but I wanted to show you another option you can make these for the holidays.

wheat pumpkin cookies and frosting

The cookies are so addictive, maybe because they are so soft or maybe is the perfect combination of Pumpkin, Spices and Caramel? well what ever the reason may be, I really enjoyed making them for my family and I hope is something you are motivated to make as well.   But if you are concern about the frosting you can enjoyed them with some powdered sugar instead.