This week my oldest son was searching for healthier pancakes that includes a lot of protein so I suggested the recipe I made about a month ago.  But he wanted to create one that has a lot more protein so he made one he found on the web.. Sadly to say it didn’t go as well, the batter didn’t hold together and he wasn’t very pleased with the results.   That didnt stopped him, he wasn’t ready to give up so a few days later he asked me again so I suggested if we try to recreate the recipe I have by adding more of the nutrients that he wants.  And so we did.. and we are both very pleased and happy in how they came out.. (this is the third batch we made).

oatmeal banana pancakes

So here is what we made…The recipe shows the pancakes I made by using half a scoop of the protein powder but my son did the same recipe but he used one full scoop of the same protein powder and the milk he used is Silk Very Vanilla Soy Milk.  So his recipe has a little more calories but has all of the proteins he was looking for.


Based on my fitness pal nutrition facts this recipe is about 269 calories