We got some Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies yesterday, eventhough we are being careful what we eat, I still couldn’t pass a good deal we had at our local supermarket.  It has been a while since we bought any type of cookies or candy which is okay to reward ourselves for doing so good on this new weight loss  journey.  But how can I control how many cookies I eat??  So, I thought instead of eating 5 or more why not make a milkshake using a few of the cookies while making it a bit healthier too.. jejej..

Based on My Fitness Pal Nutrition Facts this recipe has 264 calories (but I only used 1 cookie).  If you use the same recipe using 3 cookies the calories can go to 370 that is still good since it has 18g of Protein and lets be honest we sometimes eat way more calories just eating a few of the cookies alone, so this is a win – win recipe you don’t feel guilty and you get some protein too…

So here is what I did..

protein pbcc cookie milkshake